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Welcome home, Justice!

Akwaaba to Justice Mensah Boto, our former beneficiary, currently living and studying in Germany.
Justice joined Rays of Hope Centre in 2003 after he had dropped out of school and was repairing footwear on the streets of Ashaiman. Now, 19 years later, he has a Bachelor in Biology from University for Development Studies in Ghana, has graduated MBBS bachelor of medicine and surgery from Qiqihar Medical University in China, and currently is doing a Biomedical Master’s in Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University while working in Medicare Laboratory in Bonn, Germany. 

We are extremely happy to have him visiting Rays of Hope and used the opportunity to ask some questions:

– Justice, what brought you to Ghana?
Two reasons: I had to take an exam for a medical license to practice as a doctor in Ghana, and I wanted to visit my homeland. I miss my home, my family, and Rays of Hope.

– How does it feel to be back in Rays of Hope?
It feels really good! I’m really happy to meet the past and present beneficiaries and to be able to encourage them to fight hard and perhaps even some to study medicine.

– Name one important life lesson that Rays of Hope has taught you?
Perseverance. To never give up.
After Senior High I was supposed to go to university, but unfortunately, at the time my mom died and I also did not get accepted to study medicine in Ghana. At this point, I wanted to give up and went to Rays of Hope, thanked them for everything, and asked to resign from the program. I remember I was crying all the way going home from the centre. Educational Officer Bro Evans, after a discussion with Manager Bro Bonney, came on the same night to my place to convince me to continue. Rays of Hope saw potential in me and they wanted me to proceed to the university. They even reached out to my sister and together were able to convince me.

Justice – you as a true inspiration to our beneficiaries with your achievements – what is your advice for them?
My advice to all the boys and girls is that they should remember that once they set their minds on something — they can do it. Even if the beginning is difficult, do not doubt yourself. If I was able to make it, you will do the same.