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The success story of Mary

There are several cases in which our project shows how successful our work is, especially stories about how certain beneficiaries progressed in their education and career. In the following article, we want to tell the story of Mary Dei-Nsiah who has been a ROHC-beneficiary since 2006 and had to deal with challenges and obstacle to be where she  is now. The project supported her during her school times and influenced and has influenced her personal and working career very positively.

Mary Dei-Nsiah was 13 years old when she was found by a woman called Auntie Mary at the market of Ashaiman selling pure water. The woman was impressed by the way Mary Dei-Nsiah handled her work and so the women went to her and asked her a couple of questions and told Mary Dei-Nsiah she will support her in the future. Auntie Mary came together with Bro Bonney to Mary´s grandmother´s home in order to give Mary Dei-Nsiah an offer to come to ROHC and become a part of our project.

Mary Dei-Nsiah spent 1 year in FCP attending the pre-classes before she was enrolled into class 3 at  the Providence Primary School. She finished her secondary education in the year 2015 graduating from the Ningo Senior High School.

Mary´s plan was to go to university however her grades were not good enough so she came up with the idea to work in a beauty and cosmetic business. Ever since, Mary has attended Super Plus Beauty Academy in Ashaiman which is a beauty and cosmetic school where she learns in different categories like beauty therapy, make up and nail technique.

In December 2018, Mary graduated from the Super Plus Beauty Academy has started with her internship with a beauty saloon in Tema.

The example of Mary Dei-Nsiah shows the chances of being part of our project and a role model for all current beneficiaries. We are very glad that she is part of our family and wish her all the best for her health, career and personal life.