Our Vision is to enable former marginalised children on the streets to reintegrate into society, and lead a happy and autonomous life.

Vulnerable Street Children

We look for the most vulnerable children on the streets, who are willing to seize the chance for a better life.

Temporary Shelter

We provide them with temporary shelter, where they can build trust and make friends.

Teach basic rules

We teach them the basic rules to become decent, disciplined, and contributing community members.

Social values

Our aim is to convey social, moral, and religious values.

School life support

We prepare the children for school life as well as we support them during their course of education

Way to Autonomy

We give advice and a helping hand on their way into autonomy. We give our best to build individual opportunities of reintegration into family and society.

Reunite Children with Family

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that our beneficiaries are settled in their various homes and are contributing members of society

Support with Child’s basic need

Access to the basic needs of children goes a long way to enhance their comprehensive development. It is in this regard that we commit resources to ensure that our wards have access to food, shelter, love and care.

Provide Knowledge

Through our targeted and oriented educational curriculum, our beneficiaries acquire skills and knowledge in FCP, WEM and their reintegrated homes.


Our counselling activities forms an integral part of reintegration of our wards. It is done on a daily basis from the first day of contact with a street child.