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Light at the end of the tunnel; enrolment of 2019 beneficiaries into basic school

After 2 long years of Pre-school classes at our First Contact Place (FCP), we achieved success with our beneficiaries in enrolling them into Formal Basic School. The former street connected children were identified and introduced into our Education sponsorship programme in 2019. Usually, pre-school classes should last between 6 – 12 months. Unfortunately, the COVID 19 pandemic caused us to extend it to 2021.

Out of the 14 beneficiaries who signed up for the sponsorship programme, 11 beneficiaries have been enrolled into basic school across our Centres in Ashaiman and Ayikuma. They were progressive in their development in academic, social and moral life. We hold in high esteem these values since we believe these values would go a long to shape, define and make our beneficiaries independent and contributing members of our Society.

We wish all our beneficiaries the best in their educational journey.