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Former beneficiaries give back to ROHC

Former beneficiaries of Rays of Hope Centre as one of their activities for the year 2019, engaged current beneficiaries in planting sweet potatoes for WEM Centre in Ayikuma. The aim of the exercise is to help reduce cost of food items for beneficiaries.

On 30th November, a group of former beneficiaries came to WEM Centre to clear a portion of the land and to plant sweet potatoes. Beneficiaries in WEM were engaged in the clearing of the land and planting. Together with the former beneficiaries, our beneficiaries had a lot of fun and the planting was done after about 3 hours.

We expect to harvest the potatoes in March 2020 and we look forward to more cooperation with the group of former beneficiaries. Overall, this day was a successful day of farming and the beneficiaries enjoyed working together with the former beneficiaries.