Enrollment of 8 beneficiaries into Basic School

Another successful year has come to an end, were 8 beneficiaries have transited from the street life and its conditions to school life.

Last year, 2017 these children were on the streets not schooling. They have successfully passed through the 1-year Pre-School Classes at our FCP Centre and have exhibited a strong will, passion and dedication for a brighter future through education.

Traphina, Elizabeth, Doris, Peace, John, David and Frank have all been admitted to the St Peter Methodist School in Ashaiman. Kofi (8 years) has also been admitted to Mawuvio Outreach Programme in Ayikuma for his basic education. Based on their academic level, they have all been admitted into various classes at the primary level.

Our monitoring system ensures that at all times, our beneficiaries are making the best out of the opportunity presented to them in terms of their academic, social and moral development.

May the school be a place for them were they are happy and motivated to learn new skills were they can gain lots of experience for their future development.