WEM Farm

Farming has been identified by ROHC to provide us with food, income and a practical skill acquisition hub for beneficiaries.

As an NGO, most of our funds are from Europe, our partner organisation Aktion-Lichtblicke Ghana e.V. and some local funds, but we always wanted to become more self-independent in doing what we do. So, based on our value of empowerment, the idea of growing and selling our own crops, animals and poultry came up.

On our 10 acre land, we decided to use 4 acres for active farming. On that 4 acres, we have a dedicated 3.5 acres for a mango plantation. Aside that we have poultry and grass cutters on the compound. Some moringa trees, plantains, cassava and annual crops such as maize, vegetables are evenly distributed on the compound.

As a way of empowerment to our beneficiaries, there is an outlined curriculum in farming where they assist the farm workers. They are guided and taught farming cultural practices such as planting, transplanting, manure application, harvesting among others. It is overwhelming to see the interest and the understanding of agriculture by these children in addition to their school work in Science.

ROHC farming is seen as a way to our independence in generating internal funds and also “eating what we grow” in both Centres.