The First Contact Place (FCP) is located in the middle of Ashaiman, Zongo-Laka, near the Ashaiman main station since the year 2000. It serves as a place for first contact with street children.

Primarily, it is used as a day care Centre for new beneficiaries to prepare them for school life. In extreme cases, it serves as a temporal shelter for beneficiaries, whose relatives or parents have not yet been located.

We scan the streets of Ashaiman, Tema, Accra and its environs from FCP. Every year, from May to August, we search for street children in the major cities in Greater Accra. Street children who are willing to be supported with their families sign a contract for onward enrollment of their wards in September. To prepare them for school life, we engage our wards into an intensive 1 year pre-school classes.

ROHC’s Pre-school classes take place at FCP, where beneficiaries come on daily basis to be taught Mathematics, English and other subjects by the Pre-School Class Teachers and the Volunteers. They are also educated on personal hygiene, social, religious and moral skills through classes and special programmes.

The children have a mutual morning devotion after their morning chores inFCP . Afterwards they go into their classes, which are divided into three levels to meet the child’s individual academic needs. All in all, they have 5 hours of classes per day excluding a break where a lunch is prepared by the Cook.

Prep activities also take place at FCP for beneficiaries who have been reintegrated into their families and are attending school in Ashaiman. They come on a daily basis after school to do their homework and to work more intensely on their academic development.

The Administration and Field/Reintegration offices are located in FCP.