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A kind Gesture from Knight of St John International

On Saturday, 6th October, the “Knights of St. John International” a group in the Catholic Church visited WEM-Centre and brought a lot of sanitary, educational materials, clothing and food items to the Centre and the beneficiaries.

The brand new Nasco deep freezer will boost to our food storage facilities. The set of clothing will go a long way to add to the collection of our beneficiaries, there by bringing variety in clothing for church and special programmes. All in all, these heart felt donation of assorted items meeting our daily educational, sanitary and food needs go a long way to put a smile on our beneficiaries and even taking them many steps further from the streets.

Support from 2 German Dentists

Rays of Hope Centre (ROHC) received an amount of   € 2,000 from 2 dentists working for the Zahngold Clinic in Germany to help create a “haven” for beneficiaries’ away from the street life.READ MORE

20 + 1 anniversary of Rays of Hope Centre

The 20 + 1  anniversary of Rays of Hope Centre was held on the 12th of May 2018 at WEM Centre, Ayikuma. The programme was attended by important dignitaries such as the president of the National Philanthropy forum, Dr Ben Ocra, Chief of Ayikuma, Nene Asafo-Adjei Ahugaja III and the Chairman of Aktion-Lichtblicke e.V Ghana, Fr Bernd.

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The Legacy of Fr Konrad; Rays of Hope Centre

Father Konrad Lienhard, born 16th November 1942 in Zunsweier, Germany is the founder of “Rays of Hope Centre”.

He established the project in Ashaiman, Ghana in 1997. With his charisma to encourage people around him to join his mission, more than 2 million Euros have been raised for his second home in Ghana and lots of individuals have been affected and followed his footsteps.

Since 1997, he has given beneficiaries the chance to go to school and hope for a more independent future. Moreover, he enables the exchange of different cultures by sending German volunteers to support the project.  Another great achievement was the opening of the WEM Centre in 2015 which is a home to some of the beneficiaries. He was one of the main factors that made the opening possible by raising funds.

The project in Ghana was not his only success. He established a KIM-Youth-Center (Catholic Youth Work) for criminal adolescents in Paderborn, Germany. The institution developed itself later on as one of the biggest social institutions in the area.

Father Lienhard was diagnosed with cancer and had to stop his priestly working functions. During the morning hours of 10th of October, 2017, Father Konrad Lienhard passed on peacefully and followed Gods call.

We are very thankful for all his great commitment and for all his love he shared with us.

May the seeds that he sowed continue to bear the Lords fruits.

"Man is the perfection of the universe … and charity is the perfection of love"

St. Francis de Sales