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A truly wonderful ending to 2018

On Saturday, the 15th of December, the “Rays of Hope” – family celebrated our annual end of the year – 2018 program at the WEM Centre, Ayikuma. As a family beneficiaries and staffs from both Centres joined for the celebration.

Furthermore, we were accompanied by members of OLA, Gyassie Foundation and Accra Academy/St Mary’s Girls old students 2008 (Acasma 08).

Together as a big group, we enjoyed a colourful program including a lot of dancing, singing and games, as well as celebrating the upcoming Christmas time. The aspect of having a very good time was the initial reason for this program and because of that, we were able to feel the positive spirit all over the big compound.

Happenings like this are very important to the development of our beneficiaries because it offers them a fun – time they can spend together with all the other beneficiaries to build and strengthen friendships.

Moreover, programs like ours give the beneficiaries an experience where joy, fun and peaceful company is in their focus, instead of the daily challenges of the street life.

Days like this one are literally a ray of hope in their lives and create a lot of beautiful memories.

Especially for the new beneficiaries who just joined our ROHC in September, this day had a great influence on their view on our organisation. It showed them the variety of positive aspects our organisation offers them besides the academic aspect, so that they develop a strong and long-lasting relationship with us.

We had a great time at Ayikuma with a lot of great people and keep this wonderful memory within us for a long time.

We want to send special thanks to all the members of OLA, Gyassie Foundation and Acasma 08 for the wonderful love and support showed in their various donations.

Your generosity will be remembered, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Crop and Animal farming potential in ROHC

An important fact of the daily life in WEM Centre, is farming. Our aim is for beneficiaries to learn about farming as a skill and a trade in their development.

In the last few weeks, we finished harvesting our maize and putting them into bags, ready for consumption. We believe the children have learnt a lot in the processes involved in planting to harvesting. We also look forward to harvesting our mangoes in the coming months.

We are proud to announce the birth of 4 new grasscutters. Our farm worker, bro Tetteh is responsible for taking care of the grass cutters. Beneficiaries, on scheduled days are engaged in the grass cutter management as a way of igniting their interest and creating experiences in grass cutter rearing. The grass cutter project is a big chance for our beneficiaries to learn responsibility and care.

The grass cutters also support the personal development of the children, because a child learns to understand the behaviour of animals. In addition, this takes influence on the social behaviour of a child were s/he learns to respect the needs and rights of other people. All in all, the child learns to take care of something. This gets reinforced through the special value of grass cutters in Ghana. The child learns a part of our tradition, the typical Ghanaian food with grass cutters as a delicate.

Through the various crop and animal farming activities, our children learn more about the tasks of a farmer and get some practical experiences to supplement lessons in agriculture taught in school.  We are really proud that this part of our project grows every day.