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A big step forward; Graduation from Junior High School

We are happy and proud to announce the graduation of our Junior High School students; Harriet, Sarah and Gifty. The three girls have successfully completed their Basic Education and participated in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

The girl´s success becomes even more impressive when you look back to the beginning of their ROHC journey in 2014. Likewise most of our beneficiaries, Harriet, Sarah and Gifty got in touch with our Field and Reintegration Officer on the streets, not going to school but rather selling. Supported by their parents/guardians, they were willing to seize the chance for a brighter future and joined ROHC. The three girls started attending the pre-school in our First-Contact-Place (FCP) in Zongo Laka, Ashaiman for a year and were later enrolled into basic school.

Harriet stayed in Ashaiman for her basic education and attended the Golden Academy School. Sarah and Gifty attended the Mawuvio Outreach Programme in Ayikuma. They commuted to daily to school from our WEM Centre (Welfare-Empowerment-Mobility Centre). Within five years of determination and hard work, Harriet, Sarah and Gifty have completed their Basic Education and gained not only a great knowledge in school but also developed into independent, young women. Harriet, Sarah and Gifty came a long and difficult way but with their focus, own will and support they were able to succeed enormously. 

They are not just an enrichment for our society in general but also fantastic role models for our current and future beneficiaries. They are currently learning skills in sewing, beads making, decoration and catering as they await their BECE results.

We wish them the best of luck and hope that God´s blessings will continue to come down on them.