20 + 1 anniversary of Rays of Hope Centre

The 20 + 1  anniversary of Rays of Hope Centre was held on the 12th of May 2018 at WEM Centre, Ayikuma. The programme was attended by important dignitaries such as the president of the National Philanthropy forum, Dr Ben Ocra, Chief of Ayikuma, Nene Asafo-Adjei Ahugaja III and the Chairman of Aktion-Lichtblicke e.V Ghana, Fr Bernd.

The program started with mass celebrated by Father Matthew of the St Agnes Catholic Church, Dodowa.

The theme for the anniversary “Passion driven humanitarian services, looking beyond the horizon”

The second part of the anniversary was filled with a lot of activities including speeches, special performances from our beneficiaries, talent and art exhibitions and many more. In his speech, the chairman commended the work and impact ROHC has had in the last 21 years. He emphasized on the need for an endowment fund for ROHC and other charitable organisations to promote longevity and sustainability. The anniversary cake was cut and followed by cultural performances, poem recitals and a song ministration  by our beneficiaries.


The MD of Rays of Hope Centre delivered the anniversary speech thanking God for the successful development of the organisation and also the impact it has been over the years in transforming former marginalised street children into responsible adults. The chief of Ayikuma was grateful for the extension of ROHC services to Ayikuma and advised beneficiaries to take their studies serious to enable them become responsible and contributing members to the society.


In memory of the founding priest, Late Rev Fr Lienhard Konrad, a monument was mounted. The monument was unveiled by the chairman of the anniversary, Dr Ben Ocra supported by the chief of Ayikuma, Fr Bernd and the head of christian mothers. As soon as everyone resumed to their chairs a former beneficiary presented a short rap for the audience. Two beneficiaries of ROHC continued with the recital of a Damgbe poem, which was followed by an impressive dance by Mawivio Outreach programmme (NGO).
Afterwards, Auntie Ulli, the niece of the deceased Father Konrad gave a biography the founding father. Father Bernd, the head of the German partner-organisation “Aktion Lichtblicke Ghana e.V.” also reiterated the commitment and support of his association in supporting ROHC.
The presentation of the official Rays of Hope Centre Song by beneficiaries ended the program in a very touching way. Even our German guests couldn’t resist but join the dance.
The Administrator of ROHC gave the vote of thanks, appreciating the commitment showed by Staff, the Chairman, the German guests as well as all present to make the anniversary a memorable one. All in all it was a very successful anniversary celebration which we will always remember with a smile on our faces.