Reintegration is important for us to create a trustful relationship, where it is possible to counsel, guide and inform our beneficiaries to be optimistic, cheerful and loving citizens.

Reintegration is the process of an individual finding back into a community, group or into a family after there has been a separation.  We believe that what God has created and bound together should not be separated. The connection to one’s family is the most valuable foundation for becoming a successful and responsible member of society. Therefore, we are convinced of putting all our effort, patience and love into the reintegration process of our beneficiaries. We try to trace the parents and extended families of the children from day one. We put effort into establishing a frequent contact between the wards and their families as well as the organization.

Cultivating healthy social contacts is a core factor for a successful and happy life. Everyone who has the possibility of establishing a good relationship with his or her biological family therefore faces many advantages in life. We make our wards understand that their families are the closest part of their life development and not ROHC. It is mainly about knowing that there is somebody who cares rather than financial means.

In order to foster reintegration, our wards usually spend vacation time with their parents or guardians. Moreover, it is the right of parents to have access to their wards at any time they want and vice versa. Therefore, any visit at our Centres is welcomed and there are no limited visiting hours.

We counsel wards as well as relatives and support every step that leads to a better relationship. Moreover, we accompany the crucial steps of integration into society as they are going to school or university and doing an apprenticeship. Parents/guardians are advised to join their wards to the health centre when sick. Beneficiaries’ parents/guardians are advised to attend PTA meetings of their wards, too.