Our Education approach is sub divided into Pre-School Classes, Formal Education and Informal Education as well as moral and religious aspects of life.

All new beneficiaries are allowed to first have Pre-School Classes with us at our First Contact Place (FCP) for at least  1 academic year. Our wards who were once on the streets and not schooling will have to be prepared to enhance their reintegration into school life. This demands patience, energy and love. In Pre-School Classes, we focus to improve their oral, literary and arithmetic skills through a structured curriculum. At the later stage of their development in Pre-Classes, other subject areas are introduced. After a successful 1 year in Pre-Classes, our wards are enrolled into Basic school, after the meeting the criteria;  punctuality and discipline, ability to read and write, calculate simple arithmetic, personal hygiene like bathing, washing neatness in dress an others.

For an effective integration into school life, our wards are admitted into mission school. We believe the environment and as well as the christian routine will help grow their moral and religious values. These former marginalised children are sponsored from the basic to the tertiary level of education in terms of health, shelter, food, accommodation and school fees.

For older beneficiaries and those with a low academic levels, we encourage and counsel them into learning a practical skill, after they have gotten the basic skills in Oral, written, arithmetic skills.

An education sponsorship contract is signed at all levels of education to serve as a binding document to the ward, guardian/parent and Rays of Hope Centre.