Support from 2 German Dentists

Rays of Hope Centre (ROHC) received an amount of   € 2,000 from 2 dentists working for the Zahngold Clinic in Germany to help create a “haven” for beneficiaries’ away from the street life.READ MORE

20 + 1 anniversary of Rays of Hope Centre

The 20 + 1  anniversary of Rays of Hope Centre was held on the 12th of May 2018 at WEM Centre, Ayikuma. The programme was attended by important dignitaries such as the president of the National Philanthropy forum, Dr Ben Ocra, Chief of Ayikuma, Nene Asafo-Adjei Ahugaja III and the Chairman of Aktion-Lichtblicke e.V Ghana, Fr Bernd.

"Man is the perfection of the universe … and charity is the perfection of love"

St. Francis de Sales