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Educational Levels of Beneficiaries currently under sponsorship

Tertiary 5Beneficiaries
Basic School 41Beneficiaries
Pre-School classes 19Beneficiaries
Informal Education (Practical skills) 3Beneficiaries
Senior High 2Beneficiaries
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Come Around

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A wonderful day at the Boti Falls

29 March, 2019Posted In : Hope activities/programmes

On Saturday, the 16th of March 2019, the beneficiaries and staff of WEM Centre embarked on an excurs READ MORE

A Ray of Hope in the cosmetic industry

26 February, 2019Posted In : Uncategorised

There are several cases in which our project shows how successful our work is, especially stories ab READ MORE

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A truly wonderful ending to 2018

21 December, 2018Posted In : Donation , Hope activities/programmes

On Saturday, the 15 th of December, the "Rays of Hope" – family celebrated our annual end of the y READ MORE

  • Testimonies from our beneficiaries Read Below

    My name is Solomon. I was living in No 1 at Ashaiman with my mother. My mother was beating me, and I ran away to Ashaiman.

    Because of that I followed my friends to Accra to beg for money to buy clothes and food. We normally bathed in a dam.

    Now I thank ROHC because I usually felt tired after selling and walking around, they helped me to stop roaming. I am going to school now and they help me to learn new things. I sleep in a room and not in the station anymore.

    Solomon, 7 years (Rays of Hope Centre)
  • Testimonies from our beneficiaries Read Below

    I thank Rays of Hope Centre because now I’m going to school again, and I don’t have to carry load or sleep in the market.

    Thank you!

    Collins, 6 years (Rays of Hope Centre)
  • Testimonies from our beneficiaries Read Below

    In WEM it is like a boarding house where we go home during vacation to see our family. Here we have the opportunity to learn, we have teachers (staff) at the Centre who teach us academic and social, and moral skills.

    I thank got for letting me be a part of this project. I am grateful because I am going to school and I will become somebody tomorrow. “I am proud to be a ray”.

    Thank you, Rays of Hope Centre. I am happy to say that I am going to school. Well done and may God bless you all.

    Gifty, 15 years (Rays of Hope Centre)
  • Testimonies from our beneficiaries Read Below

    I never liked it when people tried to betray me whiles selling.

    I am grateful to Rays of Hope Centre that they send me to school, give me food. I have my own bed. Thank you for everything!

    When I came to WEM, I made new friends. I love the house and I go to school every day. In the future, I want to become a Doctor to help all sick people. I also want to sew clothes.

    Jennifer, 9 years (Rays of Hope Centre)